Take one bite of the world famous Classic Original Coconut Patties, and you will see why they are one of the most popular coconut candy treats.  These delicious concoctions first began as a Florida tradition and have grown to become a nationwide delight.

Each patty is made up of a smooth, shredded coconut texture that is then dipped in a rich dark chocolate coating, making a perfect combination for coconut candy lovers.

The colorful 12 oz. box contains 9 Coconut Patties, individually wrapped to enhance and prolong freshness.  They make fun chocolate gifts for coconut enthusiasts!

Each case contains:

3 – 12 oz. Anastasia Coconut Patties (Box)

Detailed nutritional, ingredient and allergen information is available upon request at info@stuckeys.com

Code: 07-70025

Product Weight Each:  12 oz.
Case Pack: 3