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Enjoy Our Delicious Pecan Log Rolls

Heads Up – We’re Moving!

You may already know that we recently moved our warehouse to a new city with new technology and a new workforce. Even though we planned for a smooth move into town, a few start-up delays have thrown us off course. Our team is working hard to navigate the roadblocks and get back up to speed, but unfortunately shipping schedules are temporarily delayed for new orders.

We value your business and apologize for the inconvenience!

We anticipate being caught up by the week of March 27.

Please e-mail us with questions at:

Georgia Grown Since 1937

Since our humble beginnings in 1937, Stuckey’s has grown into an American icon and treasure. We’re known for serving delicious candy, a family-friendly atmosphere, and warm hospitality to travelers across the United States.

Take a road trip with us down memory lane as we reminisce on Stuckey’s history!

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