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Fundraise With Stuckey's!

Easy Pecan Fundraiser

Partner with Stuckey’s on your organization’s fundraising efforts and make a positive impact on your community! 

We have made it easier than ever to raise money with a pecan fundraiser! Get quick & easy set-up, premium pecan products with legacy brand recognition.

Check out our easy options! 

Classic Pecan Fundraiser

Keep things simple with our classic bulk order option. Manage all aspects of your program: product purchase, sales, and monetary collection. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with business-minded youth on a community cause! 

Call  800-548 NUTS (6887) to Order 

Online Fundraiser

Easiest Fundraiser Ever

  • Low Set-up Fee: Get started with ease and affordability.
  • Expert Training: Benefit from personalized guidance from our team to effectively manage your fundraiser.
  • Flexible Pricing: Determine your pricing strategy to maximize returns.
  • Easy Online Sales: Text or email shareable links or QR codes and make purchases super easy.
  • Real-time Reports: Access up-to-the-minute sales info to share updates and celebrate milestones.
  • Direct Delivery: Enjoy a hassle-free campaign. We ship products directly to your customers.
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Do You Have Questions About Fundraising?

Contact our dedicated fundraising team if you have any questions about fundraising with Stuckey’s.

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