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Stuckey’s Fundraising

Stuckey’s Fundraising Options 

Partner with Stuckey’s on your organization’s fundraising efforts and make a positive impact on your community! 

Get built-in brand recognition, premium pecan products plus three options to customize your ideal program. 

Option 1: Classic

Keep things simple with our classic bulk order option. Manage all aspects of your program: product purchase, sales, and monetary collection. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with business-minded youth on a community cause! 

Call  800-548 NUTS (6887) to Order 

Option 2: Online Shopping

For a $25 set-up fee, choose to opt-in for training from the Stuckey’s team to support the management of your fundraiser.

Determine your pricing, deploy a purchase link or QR code through text or email, and access real-time sales reports for online sales. Products will be shipped directly to your customer. 

Register Your Online Fundraiser

Option 3: White Glove

Let us do the work for you!

Let our fundraising team set up and manage your program. Benefits include setup, training, and customization. Our dedicated customer support will co-manage your fundraiser, making your team more effective in the community you serve. 

There will be a 0.6% fee on the wholesale price with a $2,500 minimum to manage the white glove service. This will be deducted from your final sales.

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Do You Have Questions About Fundraising?

Contact our dedicated fundraising team if you have any questions about fundraising with Stuckey’s.

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