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Fundraising Opportunities with Stuckey’s

Thank you for your interest in fundraising with Stuckey’s products!

Our products boast enormous brand recognition and sell quickly. The Stuckey’s brand is fun, exciting, and connected to warm memories of road trips with the family.

Fundraising Option 1: Bulk Delivery

You can order Stuckey’s products in bulk for your organization to sell and distribute on your own.

How to Register for Bulk Fundraising

  • Call Stuckey’s sales and place your order.
  • Receive and pay your invoice.
  • Receive bulk shipment and distribute the product.
  • Collect and manage the payments on your own.

Call Stuckey’s at 800-548 NUTS (6887) to Register for Bulk Fundraising

Fundraising Option 2: Online Shopping

You can manage an online fundraiser yourself with training sessions and support from our team.

Benefits of our online shopping fundraiser include:

  • Contactless Fundraising – Say goodbye to door-to-door sales! You manage all sales through the online site and run the campaign by emailing or texting links and QR codes.
  • Orders Are Shipped to Supporters – No more managing inventory, having unsold products, and distributing the product.
  • No Money Handling – All transactions are paid online, so you will not need to manage the money for the fundraiser.
  • Real-Time Online Reporting –All data is updated in real-time, and earnings are released to your fundraising organization at the end of the sale.
  • Control the Sale Price – The organization determines the sale price on the shopping cart. This sale price is based on a percentage of the wholesale cost, giving more profit to your organization.

There is a $25 setup fee to set up the shopping cart. This will be deducted from your final sales.

Register Your Online Fundraiser

Fundraising Option 3: White Glove

Let us do the work for you! Stuckey’s white glove fundraising service includes all the benefits of online fundraising, but Stuckey’s fundraising staff will set everything up and manage support. We can even add your organization’s logo to the shopping cart.

With our white glove fundraising service, our team will:

  • Customize the site with the organization logo and colors
  • Lead a virtual fundraiser kickoff
    • Training your organization on how to share the sales link with friends and family.
    • Reports are emailed to the sponsor at the end of the sale or viewed online.
    • You can log in to the dashboard anytime to access the sales data.
  • Handle all support issues with Stuckey’s dedicated customer service.

There will be a 0.6% fee on the wholesale price with a $2,500 minimum to manage the white glove service. This will be deducted from your final sales.

Register Here

Do You Have Questions About Fundraising?

Contact our dedicated fundraising team if you have any questions about fundraising with Stuckey’s.

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