Pecan Log Roll Cherry Bits Multi Pack, 8pc., 10oz.


This case holds our uniquely sweet and scrumptious Pecan Log Rolls, which offer a light, fluffy nougat center mixed with maraschino cherries which is then hand-dipped in an antique copper kettle holding fresh-made buttery caramel.  The Pecan Log is then hand-rolled in cut pecan pieces from Georgia and wrapped quickly for freshness.

Each case contains:

8 –  10 oz. Individually Wrapped Pecan Log Rolls

Detailed nutritional, ingredient and allergen information is available upon request at

Code: 04-92095

Product Weight Each: 10 oz.
Case Pack: 8

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      Why is my review not posted? I did not have any cherry bits in my pecan logs. I do not know why they were like that they were just big pecan logs. I am not looking for a refund or trying to make your product look bad, I just wanted you to know what my logs were like.

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      I was very disappointed when I got my cherry pecan logs. I was so excited when I saw that Stuckey’s still made the cherry bits pecan log. When I looked inside a log there were not any bits or any cherry flavor. I remember when I was young that there were pieces of cherry. What happen? My logs do not have any bits. Still love your candys.

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