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So, here it is, finally Friday. “T.G.I.F”, right? However, this Friday is going to be a little different because today we have a little something extra to be thankful for – something that will have the weekend here before you know it. That’s because today is January 28, otherwise known as National Fun at Work Day.

All Work and No Play? Not Today!

According to Andrew Naber from Gettysburg College, the average person spends about 1/3 of their life (or around 90,000 hours) working. Well, if you’re going to be at work that long, then why not try to enjoy it a little?

What we did find, however, is that National Have Fun at Work Day typically falls on the last Friday of January every year.

So, Where’s All of This Fun?

If you’re so used to just working at work, here’s some ideas on how you can add a little fun into today. Who knows? Maybe your office will like it so much that every Friday will be National Have Fun at Work Day!

Host a Boss Look-Alike Contest

We know that our CEO Stephanie Stuckey is one of a kind, but maybe you have somebody at work that often gets called your boss’s doppelganger.

Your Own Office Idol

Don’t just whistle while you work — sing your heart out. Set up a karaoke machine in your break room and belt out songs during your lunch hour with colleagues. Let the office vote on who’s the best crooner. Winner gets a prize like free lunch.

Netflix and Work

Do a quick survey to find out what everybody’s favorite movie is and stream it in the conference room during an extended lunch break. Don’t forget to grab the popcorn and other snacks.

Company Cook-Off

Have employees bring in their own dish that they’re especially good at making. It could be anything from finger food to main dishes. (However, have everybody write down what they’re bringing so Dave and Mildred don’t get into a food fight again over who makes the better tuna casserole.)

Dress-Down Day

Some of you may already have “Casual Fridays,” but make it themed for this Friday and add a little fun. Hawaiian shirts or concert tees can make for a good time.

Mark Your Calendars

If you missed it this year, make sure you mark it on your calendar for next year so your day of fun falls right on time:

28 January 2022
27 January 2023
26 January 2024
31 January 2025
30 January 2026
29 January 2027
28 January 2028
29 January 2029
25 January 2030
31 January 2031

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