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Well, folks, here it is, already February and love is in the air as cupid readies his arrows to strike his unsuspecting victims. However, it seems that his target is more than just for lovers this year as he also turns his attention to girlfriends and singles.  Read on to see what we mean:


In a 2014 episode of the TV comedy series Parks and Recreation, Pawnee councilwoman Leslie Knope (Amanda Poehler) is looking for a new best friend, so she throws a “Galentine’s Day” brunch in an effort to find one amongst her girlfriends. Women in the real world liked the idea so much that they started having a Galentine’s Day party of their own, and the idea began to trend.  As a result, every February 13 women all across the country come together to celebrate their girlfriends – those that root for each other, listen to each other, support each other and are just all around great friends to have in their lives.

So, ladies, invite your girlfriends over, have them bring their favorite wine, beer, cocktails or mocktails – whatever their drinking. (Of course, we recommend  Stuckey’s Pecan Log Roll Beer.) Include snacks, chips, and dips like our flavored pecan treats or popcorn favorites (especially our “Funfetti Celebration” popcorn, because, c’mon! It’s a party!)  Next, do whatever you ladies do best. Turn up the music and dance, do makeovers, vent… hey, it’s your day so do what you love and do it to the max.


February 14 has been considered a day for love and romance since the High Medieval Ages nearly a millennium ago as courtly love was becoming a growing tradition. By the 18th century, the day had grown into one of expressing your love for another through a gift of flowers, Valentine’s Day candy and cards in the UK.

Historians have different opinions on when the day became known as St. Valentine’s Day. The most popular version, however, is the story of a fellow by the name of Valentine who lived around the time of Emperor Claudius II. During his reign, Claudius made marriage forbidden for young men because he believed that the strongest soldier was a single soldier. Nevertheless, Valentine thought it best for young men to marry rather than having to sneak around and live in sin, so he would hold secret nuptials for the couple. Valentine was caught and beheaded for his actions, but while waiting for the ghastly deed to be done, he sent a letter to a blind girl who, upon receiving the letter, regained her sight so she could read it. This is the miracle that propelled him into sainthood.

These days, rather than hide our love from a cruel leader, we exchange Valentine’s Day cards full of hearts, cupids, and kitschy rhymes. Flowers, a candlelight dinner, and a rom-com at the cinema are also part of a dreamy Valentine’s Day. Oh, and how can we forget Valentine’s Day candies and chocolates?

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, if you’re still not sure what to get for the love of your life this Valentines, Stuckey’s has the perfect gift in mind – our “Bless Your Heart” Valentine’s Day Gift Box which includes all the great Stuckey’s memorabilia that your Valentine has been in love with for years like our  world Famous Stuckey’s Pecan Log Roll, Pecan PralinesPecan Divinity,  and much, much more including Cinnamon Cube Pops, Birthday Cake Popcorn, a Candy Shoppe Coffee Mug, a “Bless Your Heart” Funny Button and  Stuckey’s Logo Plush Teddy Bear.


Singles Awareness Day was started in 1999 by a Mississippi State University student named Dustin Barnes as a way to remind us all that’s there’s nothing wrong with being single; in fact, single people are great benefit to our communities. They keep healthy habits, don’t have to consult with their partner’s schedules, are self reliant and usually involve themselves in community activities. Singles can be young or old and single by their choice or by happenstance. And being single doesn’t necessarily mean they live alone as they may be taking care of a child or a parent. It also doesn’t mean they are a spinster or a swinging bachelor.

With that in mind, instead of trying to play matchmaker with your single friends this year, how about letting them know that you think their super great just being themselves on February 15. Ask them to join you for dinner or plan a road trip over a weekend and including them in your planning will help them feel appreciated.

Besides, who says a gift at this time of the year has to be meant only for your Valentine’s? If your single bestie has all the beauty of real Southern Belle or the charm of a Southern Gent, then why not treat them to our Sweet Southern Goodness Box? It includes our deliciously iconic pecan log roll, a bar of our mouthwatering pecan divinity, a bag of crunchy Honey Roasted Pecans and our even crunchier peanut brittle, and our Stuckey’s branded Candy Shoppe Coffee Mug to serve as a warm memento of your friendship every time your friend uses it.

You can even surprise your love by having this unique gift box and other Stuckey’s merchandise delivered directly to their door. Find out how by visiting our website at

No matter if you’re single, in love, or just friends, make Stuckey’s a part of your celebration by stopping by one of our Stuckey’s locations or visiting our website for gifts for your friends and loved ones this year.

Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips Fun Again!

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Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips Fun Again!