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You may have noticed that we’ve been away for a while leaving you to wonder what we’ve been up to. Well, we’ve been updating our website with a new look and streamlining it to give you a better shopping experience. Go ahead – try it out (after you’ve finished reading this article, of course).

Stephanie and Michelle Stuckey. Image: TikTok video capture via Stephanie Stuckey’s LinkedIn page.

Check out your favorite Stuckey’s pecan candy like our classic pecan pralines and our iconic Stuckey’s pecan log rolls. Or why not try something new like our white chocolate gophers? Of course, you’ll also find some great Stuckey’s merchandise that makes great Christmas gifts.

And speaking of holidays, we’ve brought back one of your favorite gift boxes just in time for Christmas. That’s right! The Stuckey’s Mystery Box is back and more fun than ever.

Feel the Thrill All Over Again!

Who doesn’t remember the excitement of waking up Christmas morning to presents from jolly ol’ Saint Nick under the tree? What a thrill it was to tear off the wrapping of each gift to find out what surprises Santa brought. Was it that Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle you asked him for while taking your picture with him at the mall? Or maybe it was that Barbie Beauty Center that you asked for in that letter you sent him just after Thanksgiving. Whatever it was Kris Kringle brought, it was always what you wanted and more than you expected.

The Stuckey’s Mystery Box gives you that same Christmas morning feeling. You’ve been anticipating what you’ll get since you ordered it. And what a thrill it is when you open it to find the surprises that wait inside. Maybe you’ll get cute dog socks or a Branson Tornado souvenir like Robb Zipp at Most Epic Adventures got. Or maybe a kitschy sign that reads “Laundry Room. Drop Your Pants Here!” like Stuckey’s fan Rebecca Dixon.

What will you get in your Stuckey’s Mystery Box? Well, we can’t tell you that. But we can reveal that it’ll be full of all the pecany goodness and road trip fun that you’ve come to expect from Stuckey’s! (Oh and you might even get one packaged by Stephanie Stuckey herself! How’s that for a nice surprise?)

Even More Surprises!

Rebecca Dixon and her kitschy sign. Image courtesy Rebecca Dixon.

This year, there are also more ways to surprise your friends with Stuckey’s. Be the life of the party when you show up at any holiday event with Stuckey’s deliciously good pecan snacks. Imagine your colleagues’ faces at the holiday office party when you start handing out of Stuckey’s treats.

And right now you can start with a six-pack of Stuckey’s Flavored Pecans for only $24.99. Available in four delicious flavors: Honey Roasted, Maple, Kettle Glazed and Sea Salt, there’s a flavor that pleases everyone’s taste.

But hurry because the $24.99 six-pack of Stuckey’s Flavored Pecans deal is only available from Black Friday to Cyber Monday! (That’s Friday, November 25 to Monday, November 28, 2022, for writing it on your calendar.)

All orders placed between Cyber Monday (November 28) and Christmas Day (December 25) get a free pecan log, too. It’s our way of saying Happy Holidays from Stuckey’s!

Get all of your holiday surprises now, only from

Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips (and Holidays) Fun Again!

Whether your next road trip is by car or by rail, it’s not really a road trip without taking Stuckey’s along. From our world famous Stuckey’s Pecan Log Rolls to our mouthwatering Hunkey Dorey, Stuckey’s has all the road trips snacks you’ll need to get you where you’re going.

For all of the pecany good treats and cool merch you’ll need for your next big road adventure, browse our online store now!

Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips Fun Again!