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You know, 2020 has been kind of a crazy year, and as the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” So, instead of trying to wait this crazy year out, why not try doing something a little crazy yourself this year? Don’t worry. We’re not talking about breaking any laws.  We mean something like instead of waiting for Santa Claus to come to town, why not visit a town named Santa Claus?

Santa Claus, Indiana, was originally called Sante Fe but when it came time for the town to have a post office, officials told them that there was already a town Sante Fe registered in Indiana. Now, there are a couple of versions on how the name Santa Claus came about from there. One is from Wikipedia and the other is from Roadside America. Since we at Stuckey’s  hold ourselves to high journalistic standards, we will choose the version that we think is the most honest and best represents the truth. 

Roadside America says that the “new-name debate took place on Christmas Eve, and that it was interrupted when a door blew open and sleigh bells could be heard on the wind. ‘It’s Santa Claus!’ cried a child, and the town decided that indeed it was.”

On June 25, 1895, name was changed to the one word Santaclaus as part of a national place name standardization.  It stayed that way, the town going virtually unnoticed until one fateful day in 1928. On February 17 of that year, local officials decided that they had had enough of this one word foolishness and changed the name back to the two word Santa Claus.  The federal post office wasn’t having it and basically told the town that they would no longer have a post office because a name like Santa Claus would just cause all kinds of problems for them around the holiday season. After all, the huge amount of mail that was already pouring in had caught the attention of Robert Ripley’s Believe It or Not causing even more mail to pour into the town and they simply didn’t have the resources to handle it.

“Change the name back or the United States will  no longer have a post office in the city of Santa Claus!” the Post Office General threatened.

Well, even good, wholesome Americans from a town with as good and as wholesome a name as Santa Claus tend to not like the government telling them what they can call their town, so they protested. Soon, many Americans joined in on the protest and, seeing that they were outnumber, the United States Postal Service gave in.

Each year the Santa Claus post office postmarks around 500, 000million holiday cards and even answers about 20,000 letters  a year from kids. If you’d like your kids to get a letter from Santa, have them send a letter to 45 North Kringle Place, Santa Claus, IN 47579.

However, for a town with a name as good and wholesome as Santa Claus, you would think that it would be a pretty peaceful town as well.  However, after the whole name change thing it seemed another storm was a-brewing in the town of Santa Claus, Indiana.

You see, there were two rivals living in the town in 1935, and both wanted to exploit the name of the town and make as much money as they could off of Santa Claus (the town, not the man).  So, one  man set up an attraction called Santa Claus Town while the other set up an attraction called Santa Claus Park. However, both men were so busy trying to out-do each other that they neglected what the people of Santa Claus wanted and both places ended up closed.  Now there’s a Christmas story with a moral for you. Somebody call Rankin-Bass because that’s definitely a holiday special right there! Oh, and as an added bonus to the whole Christmas karma story – in 1946 a new attraction opened named Santa Claus Land. Now called Holiday World, it’s the oldest theme park in the world.

If you’re in the area this holiday season and stop by the town for a visit make sure you don’t miss these Santa Claus, IN attractions:

(Note: Local health policies may affect hours and access. Check the web to verify hours.)

Santa Claus Museum and Village

69 North State Road 245, Santa Claus, IN

The Santa Claus Museum features historical documents, photos and artifacts illustrating the progression from the tiny settlement of Santa Fee (pop. 65) to the present day town of Santa Claus. Exhibits feature the story behind the town’s famous name, the history of tourism, and artifacts highlighting the town’s unique history. Page through decades of children’s letters to Santa Claus, and listen to the voice of Santa Jim Yellig. Explore the joy behind Christmases of yesteryear with antique toy displays and a large collection of Santas of every shape, size and interpretation.            

Santa’s Candy Castle  

15499 N. State Rd 245, Santa Claus, IN

The historic castle was dedicated in 1935, blending old-world charm with modern-day fun. Visit Santa’s Candy Castle for a magical experience for believers of all ages.

Find a large selection of old-fashioned & hard-to-find candy, decadent hand-made confections, more than 30 flavors of cocoa, Frozen Hot Chocolate & more. Log onto the “North Pole Network” to chat with one of Santa’s elves. If it goes well, you can earn an official Good List Certificate.

Special events are held throughout the year. This attraction is open seasonally — May through December — and hours may vary.

World’s Oldest Santa Statue

69 N. State Road, Hwy 245, Santa Claus, IN

Restored in 2011, the once creepy statue now does jolly old Saint Nick some justice.

Drippy Snowman │  

Frosty’s Fun Center, 15 South Cedar Lane, Santa Claus, IN

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