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In the late 1800s, the town of Welsh was originally a farmstead that was owned by Henry Welsh. When the Southern Pacific Railroad wanted to build their railroad and a section house on homestead in 1881, Welsh accommodated. He gave them both right-of-way and the property to build the station house on. However, there was a caveat; Welsh would donate the land only if the trains would regularly stop there. The railroad agreed and a town started to grow alongside the railroad. Welsh became incorporated in 1888 and Welsh himself would be elected its first mayor.

Just as tenacious as our brand, Stuckey’s of Welsh managed to make a comeback of sorts after being damaged by Hurricane Laura in August of 2020. Thankfully, the store is back to full capacity today, so, next time you’re driving through this part of Louisiana, stop in to relax, refresh and refuel. Once you’re ready to get back on the road again, be sure to check out these things to see and do nearby:

W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum / Jennings, LA

Exterior photo of the W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum.
The W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum. Image: Richard Byrd, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

W.H. Tupper first opened his eponymous general store several miles north of Jennings, Louisiana, in 1910. One day in 1949, however, members of the Tupper family were arguing amongst themselves when Mrs. Tupper apparently had enough. She promptly locked the doors to the store and that was that.

The store’s inventory remained on the shelves for years sitting exactly as it did when Mrs. Tupper locked its doors. After twenty years, the store started showing its age. So, in 1971, Mrs. Tupper returned to the store, neatly cleaned up and packaged the inventory, then stored everything in a local warehouse.

Years later, all of the Tupper heirs would eventually pass except Joe Tupper, Jr., who was stuck with all of this unwanted inventory. As a result, Joe donated it to the newly established W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum. The rest, as they say, is (quite literally) history – and plenty of it.

Walking into the W. H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum today is like walking into a time machine. The museum hearkens back to a simpler time – back when the grocery store was also the community center. Here, they bought food for the family, toys for Christmas, and medicine for what ailed them. They got their mail here, caught up on the latest news and gossip, and made (and often received) telephone calls here. And speaking of the telephone…

Vintage photo of young child talking on telephone sometime around the 1940s.
You’re kids will really love the interactive exhibits at this museum. Image: Jacobrubinovitz, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Children’s Telephone Museum / Jennings, LA

For over 45 years Dextor Norris has worked in the telephone industry. Starting out as a telephone lineman, he ultimately worked his way up to his present position as network manager.  With a love of both work and history, he got together with other like-minded telephone pioneers and started the Children’s Telephone Museum.

Located within the W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum, this museum within a museum features all sorts of interactive exhibits for children. From switchboards to an underground view of a manhole below, kids find out all about the telephone’s 140-year history. What’s more, they even learn how to operate a rotary phone, something that came naturally to their grandparents.

Both museums are located at 311 North Main Street in Jennings. For hours and admission call (337) 821-5532 or visit their website here.


A picute of somebody holding baby alligators in their hands.
“Ain’t we cute? (And we don’t bite!)” Image: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, Public domain,

What would a road trip around Louisiana be without stopping to see a few gators?

Located inside the Jeff Davis Parish Tourist Center, the Gator Chateau (or Alligator House) is an interactive roadside attraction with live alligators. Here, you’ll learn all about the local gators from “Educational Ambassadors” who help baby alligators out until they become mature enough to survive in nature on their own.

Hold and take your picture with the hand-fed baby gators then check out the rest of the visitor center for gifts and brochures covering other roadside attractions throughout the state.

The Gator Chateau is open every day except Sundays from 9AM to 5PM. Admission is free.

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