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The Stuckey’s Travel Center and RV Park in Seminole, OK, is one of the newest Stuckey’s to open since Stephanie Stuckey took over the helm in 2019 and brought her family’s brand back into family hands. And the comeback of the brand couldn’t have come much bigger than this new travel center located just off of Interstate 40 just 50 miles east of Oklahoma City.

Inside the full-service travel center is a food court where you’ll find a Dunkin’, a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, Turbo Joe’s Fried Chicken, pizza, salads and more including plenty of Stuckey’s famous pecan log rolls, pecan pralines, and pecan divinity  – all available 24-hours a day.

For those traveling a little lighter, they even have cabins that include two queen beds, satellite TV, and free WiFi. Even towels and linens are provided.

So, whether its stocking up on road trip snacks or looking for a place to rest your head for a night or two,   you’ll be glad you made this Stuckey’s stop once you discover all there is to do in the area. Here’s a sampling:

Whipping Tree / Wewoka, OK  

From 1899 to 1907, this pecan tree that stands out in front of the Seminole County Court House was used for public whippings for those guilty of crimes such as arson, perjury, incest, rape and small thefts. Punishment was anywhere from 25 to 100 lashes depending on the crime. At approximately 65 feet high and around 150 years old, the tree still stands today. It even produces pecans, though we don’t imagine they taste so sweet. (23 mi.)

Supersonic Missile / Shawnee, OK  

Shawnee’s Woodland Veterans Park is laid out in a five-point star with each point of the star representing a branch of America’s military. Surrounding the star are artifacts from each branch of service including a restored 1965 Bell UH-1D Huey helicopter,  an anchor from the USS Oklahoma that sank in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941,  three 105 MM Howitzers donated by the Oklahoma National Guard  and a USAF AIM-7 Sparrow supersonic air-to-air missile.  Most recently, the park added a ten-panel granite wall inscribed with the names of every known Oklahoman killed in action since the Spanish-American War. All of this makes for some great photo-ops; however, remember that this park was built to honor Oklahoma’s veterans, so approach it with reverence and respect (and don’t climb on the artifacts, please).  (18 Mi.)

This Land was His Land / Okemah, OK

Nearly 30 years after his death on October 3, 1967, the town finally paid tribute to their native son and today you can see two murals and a statue of Woody Guthrie located on an otherwise empty lot on Okemah’s Broad Street.  

While you’re in town, head over to Ash and S. 8th Streets for a selfie with Okemah’s other famous landmarks – the “Hot” and “Cold” water towers next to the town’s newer water tower that was painted with the words “Home of Woody Guthrie” in 1972.

Finally, if you have enough time, make a trip north of town to Road N3770 and see the gravesite of one Barbara Sue Manire who passed away on her 64th birthday in 2005. She is now interred at Highland Cemetery beneath a parking meter on her tombstone that reads “Time Expired”. (23 mi.)

Get Your Kicks on Route 66 / Stroud, OK

Just a few miles north of the Seminole Stuckey’s is Stroud, Oklahoma and Route 66. Here along this iconic stretch of the Mother Road you’ll find the legendary Rock Café, built during the Dust Bowl by era Roy Rieves starting in 1936 and opened in August 1939. Changing hands only a few times over the years, (and even surviving an F3 tornado in 1999 when  other surrounding business were destroyed) the Rock Café is still serving locals, roadtrippers, family vacationers and everybody else traveling through Oklahoma on America’s Main Street in 2022. (27 mi.)

While you’re in the area, be sure to leave your kicks on Route 66 in one of the famous shoe trees located nearby. (The original one toppled over in 2010, so now the ritual has been moved to other nearby trees.)

Home of the Sucker Day / Wetumka, OK

In 1950, the town Wetumka, Oklahoma, was conned into believing that the circus was coming to town. As you can imagine, both kids and adults alike got excited by the news, so they all came together and started preparing food, cleaning the streets and readying their hotel rooms. Then they waited. And waited. And waited. Somebody must’ve finally said something like, “Folks, I don’t believe that circus is coming, after all. Seems we’re all a bunch of suckers.” However, instead of getting angry about it, the townsfolk decided to turn the day into a festive party and Wetumka’s Sucker’s Day Festival has been an annual event ever since. Look for the 72nd Sucker Day Festival sometime around the end of September in 2022. (36 mi.)

James Garner Statue / Norman, OK

As you can see, there are many things to see and do after you’ve made a Stuckey’s stop in Seminole, Oklahoma.  Be sure to check them out on your next road trip through the Sooner State.

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Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips Fun Again!

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Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips Fun Again!