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Picture of Stuckey's of Scottmoor Florida interior
Look at all of that kitsch just waiting for you to take it home. Image :Stuckey’s Corp

Located on Florida’s Space Coast, the Stuckey’s of Scottsmoor and its space-age tiki roof fit right into the area. This Stuckey’s is a classic stand-alone store and the only thing that seems to have changed in the 50 or so years since it was built is the brand of gasoline. (Stuckey’s of Scottsmoor now carries BP instead of Texaco.)

Inside, you’ll find the same great Stuckey’s treats and kitschy souvenirs that you’ve loved since you first stopped in Stuckey’s years ago on family vacations. So, go ahead and fill up on your favorite road trip snacks and grab a couple of last minute Christmas gifts.

When you’re done, check out some of these out of this world things to see and do along Florida’s Space Coast.

Photo of the Mercury 7 monument at the American Space Museum.
Mercury Monument at American Space Museum. Image Judson McCranie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

American Space Museum / Titusville, FL

Of course, a visit to Florida’s Space Coast wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the American Space Museum. On display inside this museum are items donated by astronauts, NASA, and people who have worked for and with NASA. What’s more, some of these items have actually flown in space. They even have actual Space Shuttle Launch Control Center consoles, Air Force Launch Pad 36A consoles, and a Pad 16 Launch Sequencer.

Outside, the U.S. Space Walk Hall of Fame is something that shouldn’t be missed either. Here you’ll walk by monuments dedicated to those who worked on the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle programs.

There’s also the In the Line of Duty Memorial. As the name suggests, this monument is dedicated to the workers and astronauts who gave their lives in the exploration of the final frontier. For more information about admission and hours, visit their website here.

Frisbee’s of Mims / Mims, FL

Frisbee’s of Mims is a good example of novelty architecture – that type of architecture in which buildings and other structures are given unusual shapes for purposes such as advertising. And when pulling up to Frisbee’s in Mims there’s no doubt about what the sell. The building is shaped like a giant ice cream cone.

picture of building shaped like an ice cream cone.
“I scream. You scream. Look a building that looks like ice cream.” Image courtesy of Frisbee’s of Mims.

Actually, it’s that novelty architecture that eventually got Aaron Frisbee into the ice cream business to begin with. As he tells it, his mom once saw an ice cream coned-shaped building before he was born and she always hope to own and operate one of her own. So, one day about 15 years ago, his mom found one right there in Mims where they lived. Long story short, they bought it.

Today Frisbee’s offers more than 30 flavors of soft-serve ice cream in flavors including birthday cake, butter pecan, German chocolate, Dreamsicle, and coffee. As if that weren’t enough, you can top it off with all kinds of toppings like syrups, sprinkles, candies, and nuts – more than 30 types in all. Along with cones, you can get ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, parfaits and banana splits.

Frisbee’s also offers others snacks including foot-long chili dogs, soft pretzels, and nachos and cheese.

Oh, and bring Fido with you and treat that good boy to a tasty dog cup treat.

Visit their Facebook page here for more info.

Two kids in Christmas Florida getting their packages wish list sent to the North Pole
Two kids in Christmas Florida getting their packages wish list sent to the North Pole. Image: Florida Memory, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Town of Christmas / Christmas, FL

Well, it is that most wonderful time of the year, so instead of waiting for Christmas to come, why not go to Christmas?

The town got its start on December 25, 1837, when some 2,000 U.S. Army soldiers arrived in this area and started building a fort they named after they day they arrived.

In 1892, Christmas got their own post office. Ever since, people from all over America have been coming to Christmas to have their Christmas cards postmarked “Christmas, Florida”. The tradition continues today in a much more modern post office where you might even see Santa Claus sitting in the lobby personally hand-stamping all the outgoing Christmas cards and packages.

So, go ahead, buy some souvenir postcards from Stuckey’s and have Santa stamp them before they make their way to your friends and family.

Swampy – The World’s Largest Gator / Christmas, FL

On your way to or from Christmas, you’ve got to stop and see Swampy, who at a length of 200’-1” is the world’s largest alligator. Swampy got his start in the roadside attraction business in the 1980s when he was originally built for a business called “Gator Jungle”. Originally, owner Hermon Brooks wanted people to enter Gator Jungle through Swampy mouths. However, nearby Gatorland, who already had dibs on a wide-mouth gator that guests entered through, said “No way, Swamp-ay!” and threatened a lawsuit. Hermon acquiesced.

Picture of building shaped like a big alligator.
Swampy – the World’s Largest Gator. Image: Mlo0352, CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Today, Swampy sits in front of Jungle Adventures, an animal park whose 10 acres includes electric boat rides, treks through the swamps on boardwalks, and a home for abused and abandoned exotic pets. Of course these include all of those baby alligators that you were told ended up in the sewers of New York City.

For more about admission and hours, you can visit Jungle Adventure’s website here.

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Stuckey’s – we’re Making Road Trips (and Holidays) Fun Again!

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Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips Fun Again!