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Back when Stuckey’s had stores from coast-to-coast, its northernmost store was located just outside of Tokio, Washington, where they sold pecan log rolls at a latitude of 47.2096.

The building that housed the former Stuckey’s still stands along Interstate 90 today about 50 miles southwest of Spokane, Washington.  However, nowadays they “roll” a little differently just outside of Tokio as the former Stuckey’s is now a cannabis shop. Still, this has us wondering – Does this also make it the “highest” former Stuckey’s in America?

Nevertheless, today, the title of the “Northernmost Stuckey’s” goes to the store in North Stonington, Connecticut at 41.44 latitude. Though it’s really a store-within-a-store inside the Pilot Travel Center, that only means that roadtrippers and family vacationers who live north of the Mason-Dixon line don’t have to drive all the way south to get their next Stuckey’s Pecan Log Roll fix.

And while you’re there in Stonington stocking up on Stuckey’s road trips snacks, here are a few places you can see on your way to and from:

Ruth Buzzi’s Park Bench / Westerly, RI

Mrs. Potato Head Statue / Westerly, RI

In 2000, the state of Rhode Island decided to adopt Mr. Potato Head as its official travel ambassador (Hasbro, the makers of every American kid’s favorite toy spud, is headquartered in Providence, the state’s capital). As a result, the state went so far as to commission several 6-foot-tall Mr. Potato Head statues that were decorated by different artists and placed in many different tourist destinations throughout the Ocean State. However, thanks to the weather, a few vandals, and some them even being sold to private collectors, there are only a scant few left of the original 37. Still, you’re in luck! One of them is just a short drive away from the Stonington Stuckey’s location. So go ahead and swing by 56 Airport Road in Westerly to pose with this fancy mosaic Mrs. Potato Head. Known as “Sunbaked 1966”, she comes complete with bedazzled swimsuit, sunglasses and sandals. (8 mi.)

Snoopy Rock / Preston, CT

If you can’t get enough selfies next to rocks painted to look like dogs, there’s one that’s painted to look like Charlie Brown’s famous beagle about 4 miles away from Spotty on Brickyard Road. Speaking of the world’s favorite zig-zag-striped-shirt-wearing blockhead, Good Ol’ Charlie Brown stands next to Snoopy Rock so you can’t miss it. (18 mi.)

St. Edmund’s Severed Arm / Mystic, CT

Born in Abingdon, England, on November 30, 1180, Edmund Rich eventually became archbishop of Canterbury until he got himself involved an argument between King Henry III and the Roman Catholic Church. As a result, he resigned his position and moved to France where he spent the remainder of his life. He died in Soissons, on November 16, 1240. He was later canonized as a saint sometime around 1246 or 1247, and his tomb became a pilgrimage site and where many had witnessed miracles there.

Spotty the Rock Dog / Preston, CT

Spotty is a painted dog that sits on the side of Route 165/Shetucket Turnpike about a half-mile west of Preston Veterans Memorial School. Spotty was originally painted in 1935 by Stanley Zigtorac and seems to be regularly maintained ever since. This is a quiet area of the road which makes it a great selfie spot. The road also has a speed limit of 55 M.P.H., so don’t blink, or you just might miss it. (18 mi.)

Mystic Pizza / Mystic, CT

While spending a summer in the mid-80’s writer Amy Jones took notice of the Mystic Pizza sign and wrote a film around it. Mystic Pizza is a film that follows the lives and loves of three unforgettable waitresses the summer after high school in a little town called Mystic. Shot in Mystic and the surrounding area, the film was a big hit in 1988 and helped launch the acting careers of Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish, Lili Taylor, and Vincent D’Onofrio.

After the film’s success, Mystic Pizza, the restaurant, could hardly keep up with all the customers who lined the sidewalks wanting their very own “Slice of Heaven.” The pizzeria is still popular today and their pizza is so good that it’s touted as “the pizza that made the movie famous”. Stop and try “a little slice of heaven” for yourself. (13 mi.)

Of course, there’s so much more to see and do around Stuckey’s in North Stonington, Connecticut, so follow us on social media and let us know some of your favorite places to visit when you’re in the area.

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Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips Fun Again!

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Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips Fun Again!