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If you’ve ever taken a road trip across America, you might have come across some things that, as an adult you know are simply not true, but you’ll drive 25 miles out of your way to see it just to prove to yourself that it isn’t true.

We’re talking about situations like when you’re driving down interstate 10 between Tucson and El Paso and you start seeing those distinctive yellow billboards signs that beg you seek the answer to “What is ‘The Thing’?” So, maybe you wanted to get to Tucson by lunch time because you heard there’s a southwestern grille there that serves the best cowboy tumbleweed burger in the nation. However, with each sign commanding you to stop and see “The Thing”, you know it’s a trick, but you’re going to stop, and pay your $5.00 (or $10.00 if you brought your whole family with you). You’ll walk out shaking your head and asking yourself why you paid $5.00 (or $10.00 if you brought your whole family with you) to see something that you know wasn’t exactly everything you were expecting it to be.

Besides that, you’re stomach’s still grumbling, so you buy a bag of chips and a cola to satiate your hunger a little until you get to Tucson and that beloved burger. The cashier tells you, “That’ll be $5.00,” and you shake your head again realizing they got you twice. It’s okay, my friend. You aren’t the first. Thousands have come before you and will come after you. It’s a tourist trap and it’s been going on for decades, but their kind of cool and kind of kitschy, so people like us will continue to visit them year after year.

Another example is the many “mystery spots” that date back to the Great Depression. With names like “Confusion Hill” and “The Oregon Vortex” it’s the mystery that draws you in. Discoverers (and invariably owners) of mystery spots usually have interesting stories to tell about how they happened upon their particular spot of mystery and invite you to experience the same phenomenon that they witnessed all  those years ago such as the ability to grow smaller and taller in the same room, or drink water that flows up instead of down.

Call it the “Mystery Spot Code of Conduct”, but since visiting Mystery spots is sort of like watching a magician – we know it’s all sleight of hand, but we still are in awe when grandpa pulls quarters out of our ears – we’re not going divulge the secrets so you can still be awed by the “unexplainable” magic of America’s mystery spots and unravel the mysteries for yourself:

SANTA CRUZ MYSTERY SPOT │Santa Cruz, California

Discovered by a group of surveyors in 1939 and opened to the public in 1940, The Mystery Spot, is a gravitational anomaly located in the redwood forests just outside of Santa Cruz, California where you will be astonished as you question your own knowledge of the laws of physics and gravity. After 80 years The Mystery Spot still amazes and perplexes hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around the globe who visit each year to experience these bewildering disparities of gravity, perspective, and height. Is its cause extraterrestrial, a result of global warming, or something which only that really smart kid who sat next to you in physics class can explain?

ST. IGNACE MYSTERY SPOT │St. Ignace, Michigan

Do you know how you can tell the difference between a fairy tale and a mystery spot origin story? A fairy tale usually begins “Once upon a time…”, while a mystery spot origin story usually begins “A group of surveyors walked into the woods…” and this Michigan mystery spot’s beginnings are no different. A group of surveyors name Clarence, Fred, and McCray came to the Upper Pennsylvania from California in the early 1950s As they were exploring the area of St Ignace, they happened upon an area of land where their surveying equipment started acting weird. For example, no matter how many times they tried to level their tripod, through the use of a plum-bob or level, the plum-bob would always be drawn far to the east, even as the level was reading level.  

Today at the St. Ignace Mystery Spot, you will experience optical contradictions and physical sensations that will leave you astonished.  The best part? You can even photograph yourself partaking in these unexplainable phenomena so your friends and family back home can help you figure out the questions all mystery spots ask: “What is it?”

CONFUSION HILL │Piercy, California

Confusion Hill, California’s only mystery spot to feature the elusive and shy Chipalope (half chipmunk, half antelope), and perhaps cousin to the Wall Drug “jackelope” was started over seventy years ago by George Hudson  who believed that there were other places besides the Oregon Vortex and the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot that defies the laws of nature and physics.

Located in the beautiful Northern California redwoods, Confusion Hill has been the home of mystery, fun and family entertainment since 1949 and was recently recognized as a California State Point of Historical Interest. And if you need any reasons to visit Confusion Hill other than the possible sighting of a Chipalope, the World Famous Gravity House, the Redwood Shoe House, and the Ripley’s Believe It or Not “World’s Tallest Free Standing Redwood Chainsaw Carving,” have our vote.

THE OREGON VORTEX │Gold Hill, Oregon

Get a glimpse of a strange world where the impossible is every day and the laws of physics think every day is “backwards” day in this part of Oregon, apparently. The Oregon Vortex is an area where naturally occurring visual and perceptual phenomena can be captured on film, again, so you can ask your friends, “What is that?” and they can answer, “I don’t know. YOU tell ME what the heck that is.”  Their website claims that “no matter your education or profession you will find a challenge to all your accepted theories.” Challenge accepted! See you at the Oregon Vortex!

SPOOK HILL │Lake Wales, Florida

Finally, back to Florida where weird stuff seems normal, like here at Spook Hill, a gravity hill that locals say was created by either an alligator’s ghost or a local Native American chief both of whom wrestled each other over, (we’re guessing) whether or not people should be charged for the experience of having their car roll uphill without all the trouble of pressing down the gas. Their epic “Gatormania” wrestling match also created the nearby swampy lake, which leads us to believe it was more like mud wrestling than Andre vs. Hogan.

So, those are some of the top mystery spots all across America. Just another way that Stuckey’s is helping make road trips fun again. Stop by one of your nearest Stuckey’s locations today on your way to or from a mystery spot today.

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