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While talking to many of you both in-person and on social media, we love hearing your stories and seeing your photos and the little reminders of the many Stuckey’s stops you and your family made (and still make) on your family road trips.  Nothing pleases us more than hearing that Stuckey’s is such a big part of the memories of some of the best moments of your life. 

As a result, it also seems that some of you are so stuck on Stuckey’s that you’ve become collectors of various Stuckey’s memorabilia, whether it’s postcards of the numerous Stuckey’s locations that lined the highways of America from coast to coast, vintage Stuckey’s magazine ads you now consider artwork, or classic Stuckey’s matchbooks you remember dad keeping in his shirt pocket. For each of you, these little mementos transport you back to that simpler time of summers spent in the backseat watching the world go by at 55 miles per hour as you counted down the miles on the billboards until the next Stuckey’s location. Mom loved the prices of our fine pecan candies, Dad loved the cheap gas prices, the kids loved the toys and the candy and everybody loved the Stuckey’s pecan log roll.

However, there’s one Stuckey’s souvenir that seems to be loved and wanted by everyone from hardcore Stuckey’s fans to vintage roadside enthusiasts and collectors of mid-century modern kitsch – the Anchor Hocking Fire-King Stuckey’s Coffee Club mug. Indeed, the Holy Grail, if you will, of Stuckey’s collectibles, it can fetch up to $200 on eBay and is one of the most requested items for us to bring back into the Stuckey’s inventory.

So, Why All the Hub-Bub about the Stuckey’s Mug?

Those vintage Stuckey’s Coffee Club Mugs were first made by the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation under their “Fire-King” brand division.  Anchor Hocking is still located in an old carbon plant affectionately nicknamed the “Black Cat” next to the Hocking River in Lancaster, Ohio, and started making their  bakeware, serveware, and drinkware there in 1905.

In 1942, they made their move into the kitchenware market by making more attractive and affordable cookware, dinnerware and glassware products they branded “Fire-King”.  These products included everything from nesting bowls to casserole dishes to coffee mugs, all of which also came in a variety of styles, colors, shapes and sizes.

They were also easier to come by back then as pieces were often given away as promotional items at gas stations or free with the purchase of a sack of flour; however, if you missed out on the freebies, you could often find Fire-King products relatively cheap at your local supermarket or hardware store.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t so much the price as it was the durability that consumers loved most about the Fire King brand. As a matter of fact, that’s also what makes Fire-King so collectible today. You see, unlike collectors today who put their Fire-King on display in their own living room mini-museums, most people actually used that very same Fire-King on display for baking, serving food, storing food, and the like.  In fact, it’s likely that you could find Fire-King in some form or another in nearly every American kitchen even after Anchor Hocking stopped making it in 1976.

Because of its collectability, what was once given away free with a sack of flour can earn a lot of money at the auction market today.   For example, a vintage Fire King 48-piece Jadeite Jane Ray dinnerware set is currently up for auction on eBay starting at $750.  Likewise, a single Fire-King Mickey’s Baseball mug featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck currently list for just a little more than $770.

Caring for Your Stuckey’s Mug

So, you’re fortunate enough to have a Fire-King Stuckey’s Coffee Club mug and want to know if you should use it. Well, that’s totally up to you as there is nothing written in stone that says you can’t enjoy a cup of coffee or tea out of your Stuckey’s mug once in awhile. Again, durability is one of the reasons that thousands of original users and collectors alike first fell in love with Fire King (besides, of course, that cool teal and red Stuckey’s logo). However, there are some rules that you should follow when caring for your classic Fire-King Stuckey’s Coffee Club Mug:

Do NOT put your beloved Stuckey’s mug in the dishwasher!

First, your Stuckey’s Coffee Club Mug was most likely produced quite a while before dishwashers became so ubiquitous in nearly every home and apartment. Today’s harsh dishwashing detergents, extreme pressure and temperatures can seriously harm your Stuckey’s mug resulting in discoloration of that beautiful teal and red logo and a degraded cloudy appearance of the mug’s surface causing it to look dull and not as shiny as it did the day it came out of its box.

Second, like dishwashers, microwave ovens starting showing up in every house long after Fire-King started producing Stuckey’s Coffee Club mugs. Though they may be safe for conventional oven usage, microwave ovens cook food in an entirely different way which has resulted in a number of accidents including shattered glass and explosions of some retro collectible dishware. For best results, it’s better to be safe than sorry and fill your mug with coffee or tea that’s been made the conventional way.

One more thing we should mention about Fire-King is that Anchor Hocking and Fire-King are said to be lead-free; however, the interior of many milk-glass products including Anchor Hocking, Fire-King and Pyrex, for example, commonly contain lead.

That being said, if there are scratches in the interior of your Fire-King Stuckey’s Coffee Club mug, it may be better to admire your Stuckey’s mug from a nice shelf 0f Stuckey’s memorabilia.

If you do choose to drink from it, however, it’s best to forgo highly acidic drinks and skip that squeeze of lemon in your hot tea as highly acidic drinks can leech lead from glass.

Again, most of the websites we researched for this article said that all Anchor Hocking and Fire-King products are lead free, but it’s also better to be safe than sorry.

We’re Fired Up About Our Stuckey’s Fire-King Mug

Many of you have asked us to bring back the Stuckey’s Coffee Club mug in all of its original Fire-King glory and we’re more than happy to oblige. As a matter of fact, Stuckey’s and Fire-King have recently started negotiations to hopefully start reproducing the Fire-King Stuckey’s Coffee Club mug just how you remember it. We’ll also be starting a crowdsourcing campaign to pay for the mugs soon, so please let us know on our social media pages if you think having these mugs reproduced is a good idea.

And while you’re at it, why not visit our website and order some of those mouth-watering Stuckey’s pecan log rolls or other fine pecan candies and have them delivered right to your home for all to enjoy?

And if you’ve come here for the nostalgia and collectible Stuckey’s memorabilia, be sure to check out our wide array of retro-inspired hats and t-shirts along with our collectible gift tins that’s sure to be in everyone’s Stuckey’s collection in the future. And of course, we have all sorts of other mugs to choose from. Get yours now at

Our CEO, Stephanie Stuckey, (sort of) modeling the classic Fire King Stuckey’s Coffee Club mug. Rest assured, however, she’s doing all she can to bring back this classic Stuckey’s souvenir.

Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips Fun Again!

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Stuckey’s – We’re Making Road Trips Fun Again!