“It’s party time with Stuckey’s!”

You’ll be the life of the party with our Stuckey’s Shot Glass Fun Box. Each box is different, but they all come with six shot glasses and a bag of gummies. Drop a gummy in a shot glass, add your beverage of choice (Please drink responsibly!) … and down the hatch it goes! Note: Shot glass designs and gummy flavors will vary. You might get NASCAR shot glasses, state-souvenir shot glasses, or even Stuckey’s-themed shot glasses! You might get peach or sour gummies! Life is an adventure!

Detailed nutritional, ingredient and allergen information is available upon request at info@stuckeys.com

Code:  08-50035

Product Weight Each:  NA
Case Pack:  One random bag of Stuckey’s candy and six glass shots…….

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