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There are a lot of creepy places in America, and you don’t need Norman Bates to tell you that some of these places are quite often hotels, motels and inns that are just dying to accommodate you. From dead musicians to broken-hearted brides, here are a few haunts that we’ve stayed in … to help get you in the Halloween spirits on your next weekend road trip:

The Redmont Hotel / Birmingham, AL

After nearly a century of operation, you can imagine how many people have checked in and out of this 200-room hotel since it first opened in 1925. However, though this isn’t the Hotel California, apparently some may have checked out, but they never really left. Guests have reported doors opening and closing by themselves, and others have said that their baggage and furniture moved around on its own. The 9th floor allegedly has a ghostly woman that roams its halls, and even a small phantom Fido has been seen wandering around. However, the most famous ghost that’s still walking the floors of The Redmont is said to be that of Hank Williams, who spent his last night on Earth here on New Year’s Eve 1952 in Suite 301.

Cassadaga Hotel / Cassadaga, FL

They say that in Room 22 of the Cassadaga Hotel, there is the spirit of an Irish tenor by the name of Arthur who roams the second-floor hallway. As the legend goes, back in the 1930s, Arthur used to live at the hotel, and he would take a chair to the end of the hallway and look out of the window while smoking a cigar and sipping on gin. Today’s guests of the hotel have said that they can feel his presence when standing in that very spot by the window. Others have said they smell a distinct aroma of cigar smoke and gin wafting through the hallway of the second floor. What’s surprising is that nobody has ever actually talked to Arthur. After all, the town started as the “Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp” back in 1928 and has since come to be known as the “Psychic Capital of the World.” Guess they didn’t “see” that one coming!

The Partridge Inn / Augusta, GA

Nearly a hundred years ago, a young woman named Emily sat in her room at the Partridge Inn, combing her long chestnut hair as she waited in her wedding gown for her fiancé to arrive. Alas, it was not meant to be. While the bridegroom was riding his horse into town for the ceremony, a shot rang out and the young man was dead before he even hit the ground — a victim of mistaken identity. Poor Emily! Weeks later, still in her wedding gown, she would die, too — the victim, they say, of a broken heart. Nevertheless, “’til death do us part” doesn’t seem to apply to Emily, who guests and employees alike have spotted walking the halls of the Partridge Inn a century later, still in her wedding dress.

If you’re out and about on a Halloween road trip this year, now you don’t have to lose your head looking for a place to stay. Stop into one of these hotels for a spell. However, if someone says that you look as though you’ve seen a ghost, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Happy Halloween!

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