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Kate Pierson never thought she’d end up owning a hotel. After all, the B52’s singer had spent most of her career staying in hotels and motels around the world while touring with her band. Yet, there she was driving down New York’s Route 28 near Mount Tremper in the Catskills when she saw a “For Sale” sign on a roadside hotel and decided to pull over and check the place out.

She learned that the motel was built in 1952 (obviously a sign) and was once a busy place where people would pull in with their trailers and fish for trout in the nearby Esopus Creek. However, it was while touring the property that Kate fell in love with the myriad of hummingbirds and goldfinches that flitted about the property, and she, like the trout, was hooked. In 2002 Kate and her wife, Monica Coleman, bought the property and created Kate’s Lazy Lodging. After two years of renovations that included a Mid-Century Modern makeover, Kate and Monica opened up the nine room Kate’s Lazy Meadow Motel in 2004 complete with five vintage Airstream trailers that were placed along Esopus Creek behind the motel.

The place was a fantasyland for lovers of Atomic and Space Age kitsch and nostalgic road trip accommodations. Rooms featured both high- and low-brow Mid-Century Modern furnishings (Ray and Charles Eames, anyone?) and all sorts of period knick-knacks like orange tiki-heads and plastic butterflies that Kate often bought while antiquing with band mate Fred Schneider.

There was no cell phone service at Kate’s Lazy Meadow Motel, but there was a landline phone and free WiFi in each room. (You’d probably be too busy taking lots and lots of pictures to worry about phone calls anyway.) There was cable TV as well, but our choice was to go old school and check out the wide array of DVDs and VHS tapes that featured some of our favorite B-movie slasher flicks where it seems someone is always getting killed in a cabin.

“Wait a minute” you say. “Why are you using the past tense like ‘featured’ and ‘was’?”

Well, sometime around the spring of 2021, Kate and Monica decided it was time to “pass on the torch” to somebody who would love the motel and property just as much as they did, so they decided to sell Kate’s Lazy Meadow Motel. However, don’t despair because along the way Kate and Monica also bought some other accommodating properties that are just as fun:

Kate’s Lazy Cabin

Nestled beneath the ancient pines of Lake Hill, New York, you’ll find this one-of-a-kind three bedroom, two bath cottage that’s perfect for families. Once inside, warm yourself by the gas fireplace, get all nice and cozy in the spacious living room, cook up culinary delights in the galley kitchen, and eat them outside on the front deck while taking in the spectacular views of the surrounding forest. During your stay, enjoy hiking or biking the local state hiking trail or stroll on over to Cooper Lake. This is what staying at a Catskills lodge should always feel like! For more info or to make reservations, visit their website here.

Kate’s Lazy Desert

Kate’s Lazy Desert is a self serve Airstream camp located 20 minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park in the Mojave Desert. Designed by Kate, Monica and various other artists and friends, these six vintage Airstream Campers come in nearly every stripe of the rainbow. And with names like “Planet Air”, “Hot Lava”, and “Tinkerbell”, you can imagine how unique the interior décor of each trailer is. (You could say that they put the “camp” in campers.)

Each camper sleeps two adults, and though they vary in length, each includes a full-sized bed, an RV toilet/shower, a small cooktop with coffeemaker and basic cooking utensils, a National Park-style charcoal BBQ and picnic table, air conditioning in the summer, and a space heater for the winter.

Spend the night staring at a sky full of stars, take a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park or tour nearby 29 Palms. For more information or to make a reservation, check out their website.

Kate’s Lazy Cape

After selling Kate’s Lazy Meadows, Kate and Monica bought this private beach house located in an upscale Truro neighborhood in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. From Kate’s Lazy Cape you can walk about a third of a mile to a private beach on Cape Cod Bay. Or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous take a short drive over to another quiet and natural Truro beach – Meadow State Park Beach and Long Nook. Bring a picnic and stay to watch the sunset.

Stop by Hillside Farmers Market and Cape Tip Seafood on Route 6, grab some fresh fruits, veggies and seafood and throw together a delicious dinner at the cabin. Likewise, you can also head over to nearby Provincetown for dinner and a little nightlife. Then, after all that sun and fun, head back your quiet and cozy retreat at Kate’s Lazy Cape. For more information or to reserve your stay at Kate’s Lazy Cape, click here to visit their website.

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