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The friendship of the traveler means a great deal to us

If unthinkingly you render a disservice to a neighbor, all is not lost.  You can see him or her again soon and made amends.  But should a traveler leave one of our Shoppes with a feeling of dissatisfaction, then we can indeed despair.  The traveler is gone.  With them has also gone their respect for you and for the company you represent – and it is not likely that any of us ever again will see him or her in order to make things right.” – W.S. Stuckey, Sr., founder of Stuckey’s

The words above were set down as a guiding principle for our business many years ago when Stuckey’s Pecan Shoppes first came into being. More than 80 years later, we’re still on the nation’s highways offering friendship to every traveler. Through three generations of the Stuckey family – with the Company falling out of family hands for two decades – we have never departed from this principle. And we never will.

In the making of our tasty snacks — from our famous Pecan Log Rolls and Divinities, to flavored pecans and popcorn — only fresh and wholesome ingredients are used. And we take pride in being a Georgia Grown-certified company. Everything we sell is fairly priced and honestly labeled.

In a world of quick gas stops and generic experiences, consider us a roadside oasis and a highway heaven destination for delicious candy and pecan confections. Quite frankly, there’s nothing quite like Stuckey’s treats.

As the CEO of Stuckey’s, I aim to continue the legacy started by my grandparents by providing a fun and quality experience for the roadside traveler through our partners at the brick-and-mortar locations, as well as expanding markets for Stuckey’s pecan products via e-commerce and other outlets.

And I make this promise to you, I will work tirelessly to ensure that you enjoy any Stuckey’s product that you try and if you have any concerns I will always listen.

Your friendship – the friendship of every traveler – means a great deal to us.

Yours Truly,

Ethel “Stephanie” Stuckey

CEO, Stuckey’s Corporation

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