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Tasty Stuckey's Peanut Brittle Candy

Stuckey's Peanut Brittle:

Oh So Sweet, Tasty, and Crunchy!

Just about everybody loves the sweet crunchy flavor of peanut brittle, a southern confection that has always been a Stuckey's favorite. Packed with plenty of peanuts and chockfull of rich buttery flavor, it just stands to reason that Stuckey's Peanut Brittle is one of our most popular items. With its smooth, glazy, almost transparent texture that springs from the magic of spun sugar, our airy and light peanut brittle easily cracks apart into bite-size pieces, which makes it an ideal candy to share among kids and adults alike.

Stuckey's Peanut Brittle is made only with the highest quality ingredients, including nutrient-packed peanuts, sugar, and corn syrup, so that when it's cooked it produces a deep golden brown color a hallmark of premium peanut brittle. But even in today's candy market that is spilling over with thousands of innovative items, it is the old-fashioned allure of our scrumptious, richly-hued peanut brittle that keeps it on our bestseller list.

Making a great batch of peanut brittle isn't always easy. Anyone who has ever made it can tell you there are just certain conditions that must be met to turn out the best peanut brittle proper levels of humidity, appropriate cooking temperatures, the finest of ingredients and Stuckey's has spent years perfecting those conditions so that you can enjoy our peanut brittle candy without all the fuss and bother. That's part of the reason our peanut brittle is even more special.

First originated in the Middle East but long a favorite treat of southerners, peanut brittle has been around since the 19th century. No matter how old the recipe or from where it stemmed, it is Stuckey's Peanut Brittle somehow still seems to capture the essence of the South with every bite.

Detailed nutritional and allergen information on peanut brittle.
Stuckey's  Peanut Brittle Quantity in Basket:none
Code: 05-00003
That is just $4.99 / lb
Priced at just $19.99 for eight 8 oz. boxes, Stuckey's peanut brittle is sure to become a favorite in your household.

Detailed nutritional and allergen product information.

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