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Margaret Holmes Boiled Peanuts by Stuckey's:

For a Taste of Caviar in the Country!

In true Stuckey's style, only the best will do! That's why Stuckey's offers Margaret Holmes Large Green Boiled Peanuts, made with only premium, handpicked nuts.

Long a southern institution, boiled peanuts – pronounced “bald peanuts” below the Mason-Dixon line – are a delicious snack for anytime, anywhere. Considered a true delicacy among Southerners, boiled peanuts are affectionately referred to as “country caviar.”

While legend holds that peanuts were first brought over to the New World from Brazil and Peru in the 17th and 18th centuries, it is in the 19th century Old South where the recipe for boiled peanuts was first introduced. The “goobers,” as they are also known, soon went from the kitchen to being peddled at roadside stands. Even former Georgia governor and U.S. president Jimmy Carter, already a boyhood businessman at the young age of five, sold boiled peanuts for a nickel a bag on the dusty, unpaved streets of Plains.

The simple recipe for “country caviar” has remained unchanged even to this day: boiled peanuts consist only of salt, water, and green peanuts pulled straight from the vine. But it is the quality of Stuckey's boiled peanuts that sets them apart from others, as these southern culinary delights are expertly simmered until the peanuts absorb just the right amount of salt and are then quickly sealed to preserve the garden-fresh flavor. Add into the mix that boiled peanuts are naturally low in carbohydrates, cholesterol-free, and rich in unsaturated “good” fat, vitamins, and fiber, then they are just about the most perfect snack food around.

Stuckey's boiled peanuts, destined to be a classic, sprang from those early traditions and today are a favorite accompaniment for all seasons, from enjoying them on a summer afternoon picnic or at a lively autumn football game to a cold winter's night in front of a fireplace or in a back porch rocking chair on a warm spring evening.

Boiled peanuts, one of our tastiest treats, make an ideal gift for either yourself or someone special and are available either online or in Stuckey's stores.

Detailed nutritional and allergen information on boiled peanuts.

Boiled Peanuts

Stuckey's 2 oz. Pecan Log Roll 24 Pack Quantity in Basket:1
Code: 03-00022

Priced at only $19.99 for 12 8-oz cans, this might be one of the most affordable, delicious, and healthy snacks.


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