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Stuckey's at Jet Foods BP of Eatonton Exit
121 Gray Rd (Hwy 441 & Hwy 129)
Eatonton, GA
Phone: 706-484-1700

Stuckey's at Wilco Hess Travel Plaza of Villa Rica
I-20 Exit 26
95 Liberty Road
Villa Rica, GA
Phone: 770-456-9941

Stuckey's at Flash Foods Krystal of Lake Park
I-75 Exit 5
1266 Lake Park Blvd
Lake Park, GA
Phone: 229-559-7679

Stuckey's at Wilco Hess Travel Plaza of Valdosta
I-75 Exit 11
3460 Madison Highway
Valdosta, GA
Phone: 229-293-0388

Stuckey's at Citgo of Valdosta
I-75 Exit 16
1833 West Hill Avenue
Valdosta, GA
Phone: 917-392-7744

Stuckey's of Valdosta
I-75 Exit 22
4598 North Valdosta Road
Valdosta, GA
Phone: 229-219-7772

Stuckey's at Bp of Hahira
I-75 Exit 29
1300 GA Highway 122 West
Hahira, GA
Phone: 229-794-8008

Stuckey's of Cecil
I-75 Exit 32
1975 Old Coffee Road
Cecil, GA
Phone: 229-794-3673

Stuckey's at Citgo Travel Plaza of Tifton
I-75 Exit 61
603 Old Omega Road
Tifton, GA
Phone: 229-388-0543

Stuckey's at Flash Foods Texaco of Unadilla
I-75 Exit 121
1045 Pine Street
Unadilla, GA
Phone: 478-627-3600

Stuckey's at Flash Foods 145 of Macon
I-75 Exit 172
1608 Bass Road
Macon, GA
Phone: 478-474-6145

Stuckey's at Rumble Road BP of Forsyth
I-75 Exit 181
1334 Rumble Rd
Forsyth, GA
Phone: 478-994-3721

Stuckey's at Wilco Hess Travel Plaza of Jackson
I-75 Exit 201
2995 GA Highway 36 West
Jackson, GA
Phone: 770-504-9206

Stuckey's at Wilco Hess Travel Plaza of Calhoun
I-75 Exit 318
2110 US Highway 41 North
Calhoun, GA
Phone: 706-625-5580

Stuckey's at Flash Foods Exxon of Brunswick
I-82 Exit 29
225 Flash Foods Road
Brunswick, GA
Phone: 912-267-0224

Stuckey's at Golden Pantry Shell of Braselton
I-85 Exit 129
5636 Hwy 53
Braselton, GA
Phone: 706-654-2403

Stuckey's at Wilco Hess Travel Plaza of Carnesville
I-85 Exit 166
11156 GA Highway 106
Carnesville, GA
Phone: 706-384-3084

Stuckey's at Wilco Hess Travel Plaza of St. Mary's
I-95 Exit 1
1376 Scrubby Bluff Road
Kingsland, GA
Phone: 912-576-7858

Stuckey's at Friendly Express Mobil of Waverly
I-95 Exit 26
2052 Dover Bluff Drive
Waverly, GA
Phone: 912-264-1822

Stuckey's at Friendly Express Chevron of Darien
I-95 Exit 49
Darien, GA
Phone: 912-437-7630

Stuckey's at Friendly Express Shell of Townsend
I-95 Exit 58
GA Highway 64
Townsend, GA
Phone: 912-832-4050

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